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The Benefits of Choosing Organic and Natural Eating

In recent years there’s been quite a bit of hype about eating healthy. Everywhere we turn ads, healthy awareness sites, our doctors are telling us to eat natural and/or organic. The science is in–a healthier diet can help you stay healthy and live longer.

The Difference Between Organic and Natural Foods

Is there a difference between organic and natural foods? Yes, there is a difference. Let’s take a look:

  • Natural foods: are made with no artificial ingredients, artificial colours and can only be slightly processed. In other words, they are closer to their original form than processed foods.


  • Organic foods: are raised with approved farming methods. These methods include the avoidance of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, genetic engineering, the use of antibiotics and growth hormones in farm animals. Foods grown bearing this label have to be certified.

The Benefits of Eating Organic and Natural Foods

There are many benefits to eating a diet rich in organic and natural foods:

Healthier overall: eating natural and organic foods helps you avoid ingesting unnecessary chemicals and pesticides. Instead, you’ll have a higher intake of vitamins and other nutrients, which means improvement in your overall health.

Reduced risk of certain diseases: eating better help keep your weight under control. As a result, you’ll have a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

Strengthened immune system: eating natural and/or organic can help strengthen your immune system. These foods are higher in vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system. You may catch fewer colds, suffer fewer allergies, etc.

Organic and/or natural foods, chosen every day, can lead to a healthier life.